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Paill Spectrum is the radical new model explaining the genesis of a number of medical conditions with no known cause.

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Violent People: Come from Where?

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The Paill Spectrum Disease Model has been developed by Dr. Xxxxx. It will be some time before the knowledge of the syndrome becomes independently tested and accepted. Disclaimer

Commandant The Commandant : If you want to preserve your health, you need to make the right decisions. Many of our health recommendations are based on what specific commercial interests are keen to sell us. “Good for You” in the Paill Spectrum model is a very specific thing. Many of our healthy foods are potentially damaging to our health. Choosing foods that make you feel good, does not guarantee that they are good for you. Make sure you make the right decision for yourself as others have.

Disclaimer: This site makes no promises. It is presented by cartoon characters with no obvious attachment to true existence. Believe it or not. The choice is yours. Decide well and carefully, however. You are free to make your choices but not free to choose the consequences of your actions and decisions. Once you have chosen, your fate is inevitable.. Good Luck!

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Dr XxxxxDR Xxxxx: Paill Spectrum is an illness that affects neurones. The largest accumulation of neurones in the body are in the brain. It is not surprising that many of the effects of Paill Spectrum relate to behavioural abnormalities or learning difficulties. The Paill Spectrum of illnesses affects many organs and many tissues throughout the body.. Consequently symptoms relate to many parts of the body.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: The Paill Spectrum of illnesses affect behaviour due to effects on the brain. The Paill Spectrum of illnesses relate to many different organ systems such as the pancreas, the kidneys, the liver, and the milieu in which many tissues in the body function.

It can be difficult to see that there is only one group of disease processes responsible for all this misery and suffering. Due to the complexity of the The Paill Spectrum of illnesses, their is no one direct path to the achievement of good health.

Erasmus Erasmus : It can also at times be extremely easy to see through the complexity and stupidity of the current medical system. Much of the complexity we have created ourselves, by creating distinctions between illnesses where really no differences exist at all. What is the difference between a patient suffering from depression, a child with autism an adult with anxiety and a psychiatric patient with schizophrenia? In the Paill Spectrum model , there is essentially no difference at all. All these sufferers have brain damage. Relentless. Progressive Brain Damage. The differences exist only because of the age at which different parts of the brain become damaged and the extent and distribution of the damage. It is not surprising that many of the effects of Paill Spectrum relate to behavioural abnormalities or learning difficulties.

Physical illness symptoms such as pain, tiredness, altered blood sugar levels, cold hands or feet, and sweaty hands may also be present. Common symptoms of a common disease. Again symptoms vary depending on the extent of injury and on which tissues or organ systems have been compromised.

Frobisher Beethoven : Conditions covered include: Autism, Aspergers, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, schizophrenia, memory loss, ADD, chronic fatigue, learning difficulties,bad behaviour, road rage, bad memory, sadness, anorexia, hyperactivity, insomnia, dizziness, epilepsy, hypoglycemia, panic attacks, feeling jittery, tremors and shakes, and post traumatic stress disorder. Paill Spectrum has physical symptoms as well. These include: sharp chest pains, Domestic Violence,, tennis elbow, sore stomach .

Treatments include gluten free diet, coeliac diet, vitamin tablets, herbal medicines, physical therapies and antibiotics. Good nutrition and the immune system are critical for the disease to be controlled.

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